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Seo Website Design is Paramount for your online success!
What is SEO Website design ?
Simply put SEO Website design uses the most important phrases that relate to your services and products.
If your company sells “Cat Collars” then it would be a mistake to Optimize your Home Page for “Cat Breeding”.

Each page of your website needs to be focused on ONE keyword with a related secondary keyword phrase.
The title of your page is important so you can be found. Get more leads, customers and ultimately more sales.

When hiring someone to build a website for you a typical at Least 3 different technologies are utilized.
1. a website designer creates the design
2. a web developer creates the code (make sure your developer creates RESPONSIVE code)
3. an SEO company does your Keyword Research and your Page structure- page names etc..
4. a web copywriter creates the page content (keyword focused)

The result: A Great looking Website can be found online by people searching for your specific product with a “Keyword Search”.

Sounds like a Lot right?

We do ALL these things for our clients – One Stop – SEO Website Design with Responsive Technology!

SMS text marketing service

SMS Text Marketing  services are traditionally text to short-code. After many months of testing, tweaking and live optimization we have launched our own private sms text marketing service and its NOT the same confusing text to short code service found everywhere else! Traditional services are way too confusing for the average user.. once they are on your list you WILL get massive results. The problem is getting past the hurdle of  physically showing every person HOW to join your list!

SEO website Design

Enter the EASIEST way to join a list .. dialing a phone number!
Why in the world didn’t someone else figure this out… hey they’re using a phone.. wouldn’t it make sense to just have them dial a phone # to join your list?

That’s what happens when “coders’ build an application – sometimes it gets too complicated for the average user!

Yep it’s as simple as dialing a phone # and when dial the # don’t you think they would EXPECT to hear a message? Yep – you guessed it they do HEAR a message that quickly outlining your offer, tells them about your company and what to expect in the future. (As well as how to get OFF your list too.) NEXT: actually at the same time they receive a coupon, a link, a video or anything that fits in 160 characters as a text message. SO when they end their call there is a text message on their screen from you! Lastly (and most importantly) – they are AUTOMATICALLY signed up on your marketing list, AND they agree to receive future offers from you!

Once we finished our testing running identical offers in 2 restaurants – one using Text to Short code and one using our simple phone number system which we are dubbing “PCSMS”   for “phone call short message service” it was ABUNDANTLY Clear that dialing a phone number wins hands down. No learning curve at all we all know how to dial a number! 68% MORE users signed up using our PCSMS system!

So, if you have great offers and you’d like to keep in-touch with your customers on a regular basis, there is no easier way then our new PCSMS. We have the BEST and easiest to use SMS Text Marketing Service. You’ll build your list of customers and prospects quickly and send messages (that they WILL open in minutes) and you will get immediate responses!

We have several levels of service. The 1st level we are rolling out @ less then .50 per day! My staff thinks I’m out of my mind! But here’s the thing I want every mom and pop store to be able to market like a fortune 100 company! So I’m giving you the tools to do so! Not only that, unlike most online services we are actually offering SERVICE – we setup your account for you (this part is Not automated) we WANT to talk to you we want to help you grow your business! So, check out our services! you can get started for a 14 day trial for $1.00 – check us out – lets talk and GROW your business!

Local business marketing with sms messages

SMS Mobile Marketing for LOCAL Businesses | Affordable with Immediate RESULTS

Imagine… you have a Mailing list with EVERY one of your customers on it.. you create a GREAT offer.. AND with one click – you deliver that offer right into their pocket! It even vibrates or buzzes when it gets there! 98% of all your messages are OPENED and read! 20% + come in and BUY!

STOP Imagining!!
Our EXCLUSIVE SMS Mobile Marketing Software & Private System offers your customers 3 simple ways to add themselves to your list by taking (1) quick Action!
Tap, Call or Scan!

You won’t believe how SIMPLE this is!!

Build your LIST FAST with our Exclusive system!
Complete Done4You monthly packages!

We do it ALL for you, Create Offers, TRACK & OPTIMIZE! Watch as we Increase SALES 20% AND MORE IN 90 DAYS!

SMS Mobile Marketing is here! Smart phones make our system hum even better. Think about it you KNOW you should have a massive list of all your customers. You’ve done the hard work and spent money to get them through your doors – NOW you can capture their information Automatically onto your private SMS mobile marketing list

Mobile Marketing Increase Sales 20% with our exclusive Done4You Mobile Platform

sms marketing

Mobile sms marketing | Mobile Marketing LIST

You NEED repeat business – we make it DEAD SIMPLE for your customers to ADD themselves to YOUR Mobile Marketing LIST! They can sign up for your VIP OFFERS  (3) Different ways with only (1) ACTION!SEO website Design

Local Business Mobile SMS Marketing

sms marketing

SEO website Design

Social Restaurant Marketing with Apps

restaurant marketing

Restaurant Marketing

Marketing a Restaurant in today’s high tech world seems like “just too much to wrap your mind around” it’s a phrase we hear all too often.  Social Marketing for restaurants is something that seems too hard to understand and too expensive to pay for… IF you could even find the right company to take care of it for you. . Like many businesses.. restaurant owners feel overwhelmed when they start to look into the world of social restaurant marketing. It’s the “shiny object syndrome” everything looks interesting but knowing what to choose, what’s good and whats not is difficult at best. More chilling is the thought of selecting the RIGHT company to hand your Brand, your advertising budget and your reputation over to -  it’s like giving your baby to a stranger… What I ALWAYS tell restaurant owners is that the NEED to get educated – online marketing and Social Media marketing for restaurants is not going away anytime soon – it’s BOOMING and you NEED to participate! This is a way for you to get IMMEDIATE access (on a Direct Referral basis) to more customers then you could have ever imagined. So a little understanding and education will go a LONG way in shaping the future of your company and your brand. Here’s what you NEED to understand. Doing NOTHING will get you buried by competitors that are at least TRYING SOMETHING!! Make the interactions with your customers entertaining, active rewarding & FUN – don’t try and sell them – just give them a GREAT interactive experience – Chances are if you’re reading this – you’ve got your Food Quality Down Cold… or you’d be reading an article about fine foods and preparations..  So once you’ve got food quality, location, excellent help and all the rest down cold – lets fill that funnel with the loads of customers that come out of your place talking about  and sharing your restaurant (and you marketing) with other friends creating more FANS for you! That’s what the best marketing will do for your business. Get started do SOMETHING!  You’ve heard it all too often “the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time”. Who in the hell wants to eat an elephant anyway? But it’s a visual that drives the point home I’m sure.

The point is… you NEED to get started. DO SOMETHING or your TECH friendly competitors will have lines of people standing in the streets while you wonder what happened.. what are THEY giving away?  Each new step will unfold a whole new world that REALLY is at your fingertips. With a little time investment – we suggest 1 hour each day – start with your questions on marketing for your restaurant social or otherwise…  put your questions into a Google Search box.. and let the Light Shine In!  Want to know more about Local Search and how you can attract MORE Local customers to your restaurant?

Simply type into search: Social Restaurant Marketing
Are you more of a visual learner? After you’ve done your search look in the left column and select VIDEOS – Google will then return many videos for the same topic!

Want to know about Restaurant Specific Apps that have been built for Restaurants SPECIFICALLY to drive more leads and customer interaction – They DO EXIST – MANY of them in fact!

Type in: Social Restaurant Marketing Apps

Our suggestion is to implement one new idea on a monthly basis – test it, track it, tweak it drop the losers and run with and expand the winners! The GREAT thing about every ACTION online is the fact that you can KNOW what happens all along the way in your online (and even offline) marketing efforts! This will start your tech ball rolling to get more traffic, leads and sales flying into your business – yes EVEN in tough economic times! Lets face it you’ve got to do MORE if you want to GET  More – and you’ve got to connect with your customers where THEY ARE.. with mobile phones – social Restaurant Marketing is EASIER then it ever has been – you just need a way to add them to your mobile list and start your campaigns & events rolling – do something FUN and inviting – give away a prize and spread it all across social media and news outlets – But, Get STARTED today! Get Social and Market your Restaurant in your local area and WIN BIG!


Restaurant Marketing

restaurant marketing

Why Mobile & Online Coupons Are Fastest-Growing Platforms For Local Business

The most popular types of business coupons include restaurants (56%), retail stores (32%), and tourist attractions (13%). Most striking are the high customer satisfaction and repeat customer rates associated with online coupons.
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Google Offers, Groupon Now Race To Fill Mobile Restaurant Deal

restaurant marketing

Restaurant Marketing

Top Restaurant marketing tips From the Experts. Home · Contact Us. « CNET 100: Jaymar Cabebe's favorite Android apps · Wiretap: Mobile startup takes a new…

Restaurant Marketing

restaurant marketing

Google Offers, Groupon Now Race To Fill Mobile Restaurant Deal

restaurant marketing

Restaurant Marketing

Best Restaurant Marketing Tips From the Experts Google Offers, Groupon Now Race To Fill Mobile Restaurant Deal Space. Posted by Admin on July 20th, 2011…

Restaurant Marketing

restaurant marketing

Great Grains | Bet Mobile Phone | Chicago Restaurant Marketing

restaurant marketing

Restaurant Marketing

Top Restaurant marketing tips From the Experts Great Grains | Bet Mobile Phone. Posted by Admin on July 19th, 2011. One of the best part of Yelp reviews

Restaurant Marketing

restaurant marketing

Location, coupons and mobile banking are Nokia's strategic services

Perks shows you the nearby restaurants with offers on them. With some of these, you book the table, right from your phone. When you get there, just say your name as usual, and it's “right this way!” Easy booking, friends happy, money saved! Coupons
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Eight ways to build a mobile marketing platform

“No matter how aggressive the mobile marketing strategy is, it won't be worth anything if there isn't a big database of recipients,” she said. “Restaurants should always reward customers for opting in.” 5. Give incentives. Mobile offers and coupons are
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Mobile Restaurant Marketing | Mobile Marketing Strategy

Learn How Mobile Marketing will skyrocket your business !Increase Foot Traffic Leads and sales – by implementing a Mobile Web Marketing Strategy.
Major companies throughout the USA are FAST increasing their businesses by following the simple strategies that we outline in the attached video series. Restaurants, Jewelry Stores, Sporting goods – ANY type of business WILL Benefit from a properly implemented MOBILE Marketing STRATEGY.
We outline in this series the HOW-TO of Mobile marketing – apply these strategies to your business and INCREASE SALES! The is a 98% OPEN RATE on Mobile Text Marketing Streategy – we will show you in this series HOW to ADD your customers that visit YOUR store to your MOBILE MARKETING LIST!Everyone is MOBILE – statistics show that more then 50% of mobile phones in the USA will be SMART PHONES by late 2011 – will you benefit from this technology?
You CAN – or Be eaten alive by your competitors that do Adopt a MOBILE STRATEGY MARKETING STRATEGY!

SEO website Design

Foursquare, American Express Deal: Template For Future?

This eliminates all the hassle of redeeming mobile coupons, while giving stores and restaurants the social media benefit they're looking for–a way of inducing consumers to tell all their friends where they are shopping and eating.
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Valpak Annual Consumer Savings Report Indicates 28 Percent Increase for

With Valpak's coupon apps for iPhone™, Android™, Palm® Pre™, Blackberry®, and Microsoft Windows® Phone 7 smartphones, consumers have easy access to free coupons for local restaurants, retailers and service providers no matter where they are. "Mobile
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Restaurants profit with mobile

Here’s a walk through of How you can use Mobile Marketing to connect with your customers – mobile is all the RAGE and many don’t know yet how to use mobile marketing for restaurants to their advantage. This walk through will hopefully open your eyes tho to new and exciting ways to connect with mobile users who are searching for your Restaurant!

Foursquare Teams With American Express

Currently, Foursquare users get coupons or digital merit badges as rewards, “In 2010, it was all about the check in,” said Noah Elkin, a mobile industry

Amex, foursquare Launch Their Own Google Wallet

Google launched Google Wallet, which is a mobile platform that automatically redeem merchant deals without any coupons, special codes or NFC technology. SEO website Design
International Business Times

Nokia Taps Mobile Advertising for Rebound Strategy

Since the key to mobile advertising is to know what's around people, Navteq and its roughly 57 million points of interests, like restaurants, stores,

Foursquare's upcoming AMEX partnership helps users check-in to

Foursquare is the service that uses your mobile device to blab your location to No more coupons, just use the card. Though users already get rewards for

Apprentice contestant James Sun working on mobile deals with Microsoft

The app, which will launch in July, will offer mobile deals at Seattle restaurants. Microsoft's Tag group is designing the graphic codes similar to bar

Online Market Research

So, you’ve got a GREAT idea – and you want to take it to market!
What do you do 1st?

Well, any SMART business owner will do Online Market Research! Market research can SAVE countless THOUSANDS of dollars!! You may THINK it’s a good product or market but..Lucky for all of us – GOOGLE provides all the research you could EVER WANT!

Online Market Research can tell you how many people are searching per DAY for what you will be offering and how much competition you’ll have.
You just need to KNOW where to go and look for the information – and how to decipher Online Market data!
There are MANY software tools to help with the process also but Google Keyword tool is a GOOD place to start.

Want to KNOW who your competition is? No Problem..Online Market Research
Want to KNOW what Keywords they use MOST? No Problem..Online Market Research
Want to FOCUS in DEEPER on BUYERS TERMS? No Problem..Online Market Research
Are your COMPETITORS Paying for Traffic to their offers or sites? No Problem..Online Market Research
It’s all there for the asking – NO Business should EVER be opened without Online Market Research!
Your Market research sets the FOUNDATION for your business – Keywords are the LIFE BLOOD of any internet business – what will someone type into search for your business type, product or service.. typically a search will NOT start with the NAME of your business – it will start with the service you offer..
Here is how a search starts… 1st the BRAOD term .. Then as the searcher gets CLOSER to finding what they want it gets more focused.

Plumbers nj
Plumbers sea bright nj
Best plumbers sea bright nj

Once your Online Market Research is done – now you need to figure out if there is a NICHE for YOUR Product or service how will you sell it, ship it, or deliver it. More importantly WHY will someone buy from YOU ? Why are YOU the BEST at this service or product?

Next: Keyword Focused Content!!

Mobile Ads NJ – get local

Do Mobile Ads Work in NJ & wherever you are?

SEO website Design

Mobile Optimization and Commerce with Expedia’s Joe Megibow, VP

Mobile equals profits for those that heed the call. There’s a need kid in town no one knows who he is or where he came from – he’s got no history so he’s making it up as he goes along. That my friends is the mobile horizon the possibilities ARE actually endless. The natural progression of web technologies has brought us to this point. A point where people share infinite wisdom and knowledge openly with hope to expand each others understanding and come out with new ways to approach every hurdle as an opportunity for growth.

In SHORT these are amazing times were living in – it’s the Gold Rush – bigger then the dot com boom. This time with solid ground, understanding and shared knowledge to grow and build on. We’re all a little more grounded after the softer economy led many of us to reevaluate our old ways – pull in the reigns to work and invest our dollars and efforts in the right spots for growth. Times look good and the future in Tech is BRIGHT – do you realize – in a down economy Mobile is experiencing massive Growth – nuff said!

Mobile Economy Growth – Mary Meeker

Google’s own Mary meeker speaks on the growth of the Mobile Economy and her vision of the future of mobile web sites and the mobile economy. Mobile devices outpaced the sales of desktops in 4th quarter of 2010 for the 1st time in history. What it took 10 + years to happen in the desktop marketplace has happened in the Mobile economy in 5 years! This is a trend that’s JUST heating up. Smart phones are leading the growth curve with Androids alone activating 300,000 units monthly! By late 2011 50% of the United States population WILL have a Smart Phone – or some type of Smart phone / device.

The only question is WHEN you’ll get involved in Mobile the only IF that exists is IF you’ll be able to recover market share if you wait too long. Will you sit this one out – like you did with Social Media? .. Hows that working out for you? Or will you be one of the smart business owners who starts to build your base while the searches & sales increase on the mobile platform riding the wave of profits on the way up (while its still cheap)? 20% of Google’s searches are NOW being done on the Mobile Platform. The 2nd largest Video Sharing site in the world is – you guessed it… YouTube MOBILE with over 200,000 views per day. Enough stats yet? Oh – here’s a good one – Google mobile search traffic increased 4x during 2010. Many companies are doing 20% of their sales on Mobile web sites. That’s a 20 % market share that you have NO SHOT at since you aren’t even THINKING Mobile yet (there are only so many consumers – do YOU WANT part of that 20% – it’s a CHOICE. With emerging technologies on this much of an upward curve it’s clear to all that it’s JUST HEATING UP. Smart money invests in technology if 20 % of your sales are on a NEW platform – how MUCH of your ad budget should go on Mobile? 20% ? Well sure – if you think its going to stagnate. Here’s the problem, if your competition is already investing in mobile then EVERY competitor that invests NOW at CHEAP 2011 dollars is getting it on the CHEAP – and you’ll need to play catchup as the market heats up – remember as your competitors create content and a loyal customer base – now you’ll need to woe-away some of their customers who are loyal to their brand. Whats the Mobile economy worth? No ones gotten it right yet! It’s always underestimated and expected to hit 2 Billion by 2012. Will you be able to fight off the competition for a top spot in 2 years? Doubtful. Got DEEP POCKETS??

You’re IN the NEXT GOLD RUSH and its NOW – reach out and “get ya some!”

Mobile Solutions

Can You Trust Your Geek? 4 Tips to Successfully Choosing a Vendor to Power Your Mobile Solution

By John Lim SEO website DesignPrint Article

mobile web designRISMEDIA, April 5, 2011—First, let me start off by saying I am a hybrid geek and proud of it. And in this day and age, with computers, tablets and phones changing as fast as they do, who doesn’t want to be a geek? That said, I must admit, I am extremely ashamed of how some of my fellow geeks have been treating real estate professionals. Now, before I unleash “Revenge of the Nerds Part 4,” and my email gets hit with spam and my site gets hacked, I want to be clear: I do not believe your IT team or outside programmers are intentionally giving you bad information or trying to rip you off. They are just not giving you 100% correct information—and some might be trying to take advantage.

For example, you might have been told your website has been converted into a mobile website or that you have a “full mobile solution,” when that is actually far from the reality. Truth be told, you can’t blame them—with the copious requests we geeks receive on a weekly basis, sometimes it’s easier to just say, “Yes, of course we can do it! Heck, we can build you a spaceship if you want.”

In today’s world, there are very few things you use on a daily basis that operate without a computer chip. That’s why we entrust our business to our IT teams…our computer networks, mobile phones, printers and more are all working because an IT person or network administrator helped connect them together. Our websites exist due in large part to our Web team; for most of us, that consists of a developer or team of developers painstakingly coding up our visions. Our websites are hosted by an entirely different type of geek, one who can administer a server and keep it online despite traffic spikes, network outages, etc. We rely on our geeks to keep us ahead of the technology curve and ensure that our brand and online product work properly on the Web. That’s why, logically, many of you have turned to your Web team for direction on your mobile presence. It only makes sense—your mobile website is just a small version of your main website, right?

Wrong. You have to understand, just because a developer/programmer/geek can speak at a high level of technology, doesn’t automatically mean he or she can apply all of that technology the correct way. Programming is just like any other language; there are many different kinds, dialects, inflections, meanings and usage. With the state of technology today, it’s very difficult for any developer—or even any company—to speak all of these languages correctly. As such, geeks tend to specialize in one or more areas of technology, much like doctors. If your teeth hurt you go to a dentist, not a chiropractor, even though they’re both doctors.

This is why your Web team may not be offering you the mobile presence you require; they simply might not have the tools or the familiarity with the many intricacies of the mobile medium. The mobile medium is very different from the Web—different toolsets, different interfaces, different implementations and, most importantly, consumers in a different mindset. While mobile has some similarities to traditional Web programming, the reality is, they’re very different mediums and, as such, demand a different type of geek. You need a Web geek for Web help, and a mobile geek for mobile help.

Some of you out there know exactly what I’m saying. You have a mobile website, but it’s not what you expected. For example, maybe your brand/logo doesn’t look the same across all types of phones. Maybe it looks good on an iPhone or Android, but not so much on a BlackBerry (did you know that BlackBerry has 38% market share compared to iPhones at 26% and Androids at 24%?). Beyond looking good—and let’s not discount appearance, as most brands have more legal language surrounding the representation of their brand image than anything else, and rightfully so—what about features like Click to Call, Smart GPS and a Gateway App™ for branding?

Smart GPS is one of our most popular features; it doesn’t rely on your phone’s GPS to work, but rather allows you to look around the neighborhood without having to move. A full mobile solution relies on a multitude of features like these, including SMS, QR codes and Gateway Apps. Imagine hiring a Web developer to build your website, but they don’t offer e-mail capabilities. I am confident you would not. Any tech solution has to be complete to be worth it.

Let’s put aside the technology for a second and get back to business basics. Think about the method you are using to speak to potential buyers. The mobile device is inherently different from a PC as it relates to the user. A mobile user is much more aggressive—four minutes on mobile is like 40 minutes on a PC. What does that mean for your site/business? First, you need to ensure the content is rearranged to fit the mobile user experience. For example, on your mobile site, your property search should come first, not your picture. Second, your site should be one vertical column—no more zooming or scrolling from left to right. Third, make sure you have a Click to Call feature. Click to Call is the single largest advantage mobile has over a PC. This feature allows a user to push a button and instantly call you. This can also incorporate email or a lead-generation form as well.

Here are a few important guidelines for choosing a vendor to power your mobile solution:

1. Simple research: From your phone, go to the vendor’s website and see how it formats on your device. If you do not have a BlackBerry, grab a BlackBerry user and try it from theirs as well. The BlackBerry has one of the most difficult browsers to work with and this is a great litmus test for a mobile site. A key indicator is your logo and GPS. If your logo does not have the same branding power on a BlackBerry compared to an iPhone and Android, then stop; however, if your logo is close enough, go to the site’s GPS search. GPS search at the current level should not be used on a BlackBerry using mobile Web. The system is too slow for the potential buyer.

2. Features: Find a demo or example of one of the vendor’s clients and make sure you have the following features: Click to Call on all properties, not just your listings; and basic GPS and smart GPS. The mobile site should also have a way to directly connect the buyers to all your social media outlets. This one is a little tricky—are they connecting directly to Facebook or Facebook mobile? There is a big difference in the user experience.

3. Other solutions: What else does the vendor offer? QR codes, SMS, App branding? It’s one thing for you to have a mobile website; it’s another thing entirely to have a full mobile solution that will help drive traffic to your newly mobilized site.

4. Training: This is a huge one for me. For the last few years, all we have heard throughout the industry is, “This technology is cool and you have to use it in your business practice.” Well, that’s great, but do you have anyone in your company that can show me not only how to use it but, more importantly, how to use it to sell more homes? Make sure you ask this critical question.

Our team at Mobile Card Cast/Real Estate ID is comprised solely of mobile geeks. We understand the mobile paradigm, the vast interface differences, the user experience requirements, the coding requirements and even more advanced concepts. This is what we do, and it’s our job to not only understand and execute against present technology, but to maintain a firm understanding of where the new mobile technology is going to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Remember, if your sink is leaking, call a plumber. If you have a cavity, call a dentist. If you need a mobile solution, call a mobile solutions provider.

John Lim is the president and CEO of Mobile Card Cast. For more information, visit

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Mobile Marketing News

Peugeot launches hyper-local advertising campaign with NAVTEQ LocationPoint

12 April 2011

NAVTEQ, a global provider of maps, traffic and location data enabling navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising, has announced that vehicle manufacturer Peugeot is running a first-of-its kind campaign on NAVTEQ LocationPoint, said to be one of the fastest growing hyperlocal mobile ad networks in the world. NAVTEQ LocationPoint delivers ads and offers to on-the-go mobile phone users as they approach local retailers. Ads feature built-in calls to action such as “click to map” to guide consumers step by step to the retailer’s location.

The Peugeot campaign is said to be unique in that it is the first time a major automotive brand has leveraged LocationPoint to connect with potential customers. The ads invite mobile users to detour to their local Peugeot dealer to test drive the sleek, compact Peugeot RCZ—enticing them with a special lease deal of 299 Euros per month. The campaign targets people as they approach one of 428 Peugeot dealers across France.

“The choice of medium reflects the technological spirit of the brand and the campaign complements the overall communication plan for the RCZ,” explained Marc Giulioli, Marketing Director Peugeot France. “The ability of NAVTEQ LocationPoint to generate traffic into the dealerships by targeting and engaging people on-the-go as they near points of purchase is a very powerful marketing tool.”

NAVTEQ has an ad inventory that spans devices, apps, and global regions. Ads are delivered with built-in features such as: “click to map”, “click to route”, “click to call”, which make it easy for consumers to go, shop, buy, or save coupons for later use.

“Peugeot now joins a growing number of global brands from a diverse range of industries which are taking advantage of this compelling and effective advertising medium,” added Bruno Bourguet, senior vice president, EMEA Sales, NAVTEQ.  “Our aggressive expansion programme has paved the way for the NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising network to provide brand advertisers with large-scale audience reach.  It is a great step forward for a leading name such as Peugeot to recognise the exciting new dimension which location brings to mobile advertising,”


What are the BEST Mobile Offers?

What would be the absolute BEST mobile offer (or Offers)… if you can think of more then one, that a local restaurant could send to your cell?  What would get you to take a detour on the way home from work… just so you can pickup dinned for the family?

If you’re single – what would make you stop off and dine out when your routine is to cook at home? What would the full color mobile offer image be of,  when you hear your phone alerting you that you’ve got a new message?  A picture so clear it gets your salvation glands going so much you can’t think of anything else – and your car gets a mind of it’s own?

Ah.. food glorious food! and finally the ability to get offers Mobile Offers that we WANT – when we want them – bring em’ on…

Save Money With Printable Restaurant Coupons

restaurant marketing

Restaurant Marketing

Many people are looking for printable restaurant coupons to save on various types of merchandise and services. Eating at a restaurant is no different. It is wise to be frugal in these economically trying times, but sometimes it is fun to try a new place for dinner simply because you deserve a treat.SEO website DesignRestaurant marketing brings a lot of coupons available on the internet  and in mobile devices which will enable you to get great deals on your next restaurant meal. That way, you will no longer have to pass up on dining out due to the expense.

The same goes for getting a little pampering in the spa, going to a museum, buying new gadgets; practically anything your mother would consider impractical. But there is a way to get all these perks for a much lower price, and we’re talking about the hero of consumers and upstart restaurants alike: printable restaurant coupons.

There are many places where you can find restaurant discount coupons online. In most cases, you will just need to print out these coupons and then bring them to the restaurant that you will be eating at. discount coupon is the best reason to hold up on that shopping spree or activity you’ve been meaning to treat yourself to. Life’s too short not to experience the things that make it fascinating, relevant, beautiful and yummy.

So go ahead and eat at the Jersey shore restaurant, you need to only pay half what you eat because of your printable restaurant coupon.

Restaurant Marketing

restaurant marketing

The Best Restaurant Discounts

You’ll always have access to the best restaurant discounts if you invest time to seek the right information. This is achieved by doing local searches for the products and services that interest you in your local area. Then sign up online for the companies that are smart enough to take advantage of the GROWING mobile marketplace of offers. You’ll receive offers ONLY for those companies and services you sign up for and Confirm. Then…you’ll get your favorite menus and offers right in your office – to your mobile device or desktop. Personally I like smelling fresh cut grass, so, while I relax outdoors I’m not left out in this mobile craze since the future of location-based mobile coupons has arrived. I give my favorite local companies permission to send their offers to me ! I receive their offers wherever I am – No More Clipping Coupons!!

The best restaurant coupon can look like a menu, it will pay if you spice things up in your advertising – make it CREATIVE!  No one wants to receive the same offer or message every week and if it’s in FULL color your coupon will stand out from the crowd.   Smart marketers are also integrating QR codes in their marketing – it’s fast and easy  for a mobile user to point their phone and scan the image – then WHAM#@$@ they are entered into your database or get the offer immediately! Messages don’t always have to be discounts, either. Sometimes a survey or a contest can generate just as much interest.  The key is to alternate your offers. For example, in New Jersey, restaurant coupons range in prices, quantity and time the best type of coupons are limited time offers – we prefer to send offers for our clients that expire the SAME DAY SENT. Why? Well it gives an air of immediacy – then we track the responses to all our clients offers so we can weed out the losers and run with the winners!

The keys to any good marketing campaign are creating, tracking and optimizing!

The Jersey shore is proving to be a ripe ground for mobile marketing, from two star hotels and restaurants to five stars. Many restaurants pair up with local hotel advertising for a win win combination for both! This has also improved the relationship between the restaurant owners and the patrons thus sky-rocketing their returns since they usually update their patrons on events and offers via coupons and menus.

Just as any other traditional coupon, restaurant mobile coupons are redeemed at the cashier from the consumer’s mobile device. Nowadays, NJ restaurants are offering discounts in almost everything. Visit any New Jersey shore restaurant and see it for yourself. There’s a new service for Mobile coupons for the top Jersey Shore area restaurants – take a look at it here “Best Jersey Shore Restaurants & Discounts”.

The Wave of Free Restaurant Coupons

SEO website DesignIn New Jersey for instance; you can get free restaurant coupons by subscribing to their offers and therefore you can even purchase 1/2 price or similar discount coupons at places like NJ shore restaurants.  With this God send mode, many people have been able to  save  loads of money and also it has minimized impulse buying. Not only this, you can make use of your store rewards cards: I saved at the pet store when I used my rewards card at checkout. These loyalty cards will give you access to store sales, plus you can get coupons by email or sign up for one online.

It’s happening! Restaurants are about to leap out of your e-mail and onto your mobile phone right as you are walking past the restaurant that wants to lure you in with a deal. You know the smell of a pizza,eh. Don’t you? Remember these services are free; you only are required to sign up and confirm the service. This shows that you will be planning ahead and get quality for your money. Never again queuing for food or even waiting for hours to be served.

On the other hand, you can get free restaurant coupons online by searching them on the internet. You will reduce the hustle of moving from one restaurant to another to take your favorite breakfast/brunch, lunch or dinner. So, instead of retailers needing to send you huge catalogs or advertising as they did in the past via  printable restaurant coupons and other media, realize that the future is HERE, NOW. We’re all mobile – it’s just the next logical sequence for all of us to receive the offers we want at from the companies we love – on our mobile devices! Just look for the best free restaurant coupons and mobile coupons running near where you live.

Major online search providers like Google are changing the game once again – Local Search is the Next HUGE frontier – are you ready? Do you have a LOCAL optimized Mobile portal??

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Restaurant Marketing Resources for Mobile Marketing

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Life and MOBILE Technology

So you’ve heard the Mobile buzz… If you haven’t you must be living 30 meters below ground in a cave with NO internet or TV access!
This is the Season – the 2010 holiday season!! Will YOU be one of the Millions of NEW smart phone users who jump on the Mobile bandwagon and forever alter the marketing landscape of business as we know it? I’ve counted – when viewing a regular TV channel – (with sponsored ads) aprox. every 3rd ad is for some type of smart phone – our conciousness has been altered – and I KNOW its ABSOLUTELY for the best! Now almost everything you need to go through your day – business and personal -can be found, researched, viewed and communicated through mobile smart phone technology as well as MANY older lower model phones with Internet access.
Need to find a store… need to find a someones phone number or address, need to know HOW to DO SOMETHING – ANYTHING… use search – DON’t spend the 2.00 your mobile provider charges – just use a live internet search – then CLICK TO CALL! Need directions… click to go – are you walking or driving? Want a VISUAL walkthrough on How to fix your Brakes, your computer or give your dog a haircut??? Use YouTube or any of the other 30 Video How to sites!! Theres a button for that – AND it’s FAST! AH..heres the problem -DON’t leave your home without your Mobile Phone or you are basicaLLY….. SCREWED #@#@! Your life just like mine and every detail to bring ease, comfort, access, and flexibility – hey you know what – it’s all on your phone, and I hardly remember life before acccess to all these GREAT services – and at times I STILL can’t believe that they’re FREE – These are AMAZING TIMES – and I am SOOOO thankful to be alive through the next amazing shift in technology and the many ways it can BENEFIT humanity!
The future of Mobile Access is here and its here NOW -!!!! I can’t (lent me re-phrase Don’t want to) – remember the time before MOBILE Technology!

Mobile Top 3 Tips

Mobile is seeing Explosive Growth – expected to be over 600% over the next few years – always remember to take the proper steps to create user trust and a “clean” list of users that REALLY want what you have to offer – this video will outline several of the top things to remember as you build your mobile list.

Mobile Marketing Tips for Businesses

Heres a video from a third party showing some cool ways to use new mobile technology for marketing your Restaurant  – or any business for that matter via mobile. Run mobile coupons, mobile sales with limited time offerings, mobile contests – mobile marketing WILL unlock the kingdom to massive revenues – there are so many ways to use mobile marketing to YOUR advantage – keep tuned in as more mobile tips are posted here!