Mobile Advertising

SEO website DesignThe power of digital advertising if harnessed properly can unleash a renaissance of creativity and innovation. Being able to display rich media, video and in-game, plus constant advancements as new players and devices Emerges is a very powerful tool in achieving success with your campaign objectives and an understanding of your target audience.
Targeting options:
Various targeting options you can employ in achieving success with mobile media and mobile marketing:
• Zip codes and localities specifically targeted
• Specification of mobile carrier you would like to employ your campaign with
Handset/Operating System
• iPhone, Blackberry, Smartphone’s or Android choose which handset/operating system works best for you
• Non – personally identifiable information, men/woman, specific age range..are just a few Contextual
• display ads next to a relevant content Within the app or site.
• although still on its infancy, this way you can track users/clients/prospects on who uses mobile against desktop and vice versa
Publisher-created targeting
• initial sponsors includes biggies like Starbucks, Lexus and Budweiser. A targeting medium that enables you to target specific market using an application, where-in customers can check the ad by opening a new page without interrupting the streaming music much like PANDORA’s app for the Apple iPad.
Best Integration points to keep note of: Online Displays, Music, Video and Apps.