Restaurant Marketing

restaurant marketing

Restaurant Marketing

SEO website DesignSpecial services just for your mobile customers: Special perks can go a long way in helping you build customer loyalty and given the exclusive treatment meted out to them, you can be sure that your customers will definitely come back for a second serving. If you run an upscale restaurant that is incredibly crowded over the weekends, you might want to offer your mobile clients special privileges including the facility to add their name to the waiting list through their cell phones or even check on the wait times for a busy day. If a client has made a reservation, sending reminders as the date nears is another good way to show your customers that you care.

Reservations: Another popular mobile Restaurant Marketing strategy that inevitably finds favor with clients is the ability to make reservations through their cell phones. A small marketing message to confirm the reservation will not only help you to garner much needed client attention but also you can be sure that the functionality of the feature will be greatly appreciated by your patrons.

Special offers served on a first come first basis: It is imperative to understand that the primary goal of your mobile Restaurant Marketing campaign should be to build an opt-in list of customers who do not mind receiving promotional messages from your business. So, you can be reasonably sure that while your clients will no doubt like the additional facilities, nothing can augment customer foot fall like special offers and discounts. Use restaurant marketing through mobile to let your regular clients know about special offers, or provide discounts specifically for your mobile customers. You do not have to slash the bill into half; however, depending on the cost of a meal for two even a 10% discount will get your customers smiling.

Faster service: Mobile restaurant marketing can also be used to speed up your service and exceed customer expectations. Regardless of the size of your business, you may have been through episodes of customers complaining about slow service. The chefs and the service staff may a not always be at fault; often the sheer number of clients may pose a problem. However, you can use restaurant marketing on mobile to allow customers to place their orders by using their cell phones. This way the kitchen staff gets enough time to whip up the delicacies and they can be served piping hot as soon as your clients arrive.

Online coupons: Offer online coupons through mobile restaurant marketing that will give your customers a discount on a specific item/ drink that you have just introduced. This is a fantastic way to get clients to try out the new delights that your restaurant offers.

Loyalty Programs: Regular clients should be well taken care of; after all word of mouth advertising is still the best form of advertising. So, offer loyalty programs through mobile marketing to your loyal customers.

Get feedback: Unlike the other advertising mediums, mobile technology actually allows you to interact with your clients and get their feedback. Use mobile technology to allow your customers to rate their dining experience. Also, offer a discount or promotional offer for the best feedback, positive or negative.

Contests: Nothing can get your customers as geared up as a contest; the best part is that there are several types of contest that can be run using mobile technology and you can also tie them up with other mediums such as Radio and Television. For instance, you could ask a question about the history of the restaurant or about a dish on the menu through radio and get your clients to send in their replies using their cell phones.

Use GPS to your benefit: Consistently exceeding customer expectations is the key to surviving in the today’s cut throat competition. Fortunately, mobile technology gives you all the tools that you will need to keep your customers happy. For instance, you could use GPS technology to let all the clients in the vicinity of your restaurant know about currently available offers or even about limited period discounts/deals.

Newsletters: Finally, it is essential to understand that you will need to keep in touch with the mobile clients in your opt-in list; customer memory can be short-lived. Another restaurant that incorporates some glitzy marketing gimmick can quickly overtake your establishment, so it is vital to consistently let your customers know that you are always ready to serve their needs. A monthly newsletter with information about upcoming events, offers, special contests, reviews etc will help to keep the name of your business fresh in the memory of your clients.

These are just some of the several ways in which mobile restaurant marketing can be used to advertise your business. With an estimated 85% of the population carrying mobile devices with them and a staggering 98% chance of mobile marketing messages being opened as opposed to the dismal 19% opening rate offered by email messages, mobile marketing is one of the most potent advertising tools in the market today. You can expect to see an increase of 10% to 30% in sales within the first few weeks of initiating a mobile marketing strategy.

If you thought the internet wave and the dot com bubble were big, the mobile age promises to be humongous, so you will miss out on several marketing opportunities if you do not include mobile restaurant marketing in your PR strategy. Fortunately, given the low cost of restaurant marketing on mobile, it is feasible for businesses of all sizes to avail the benefits of this medium, so what are you waiting for?

Restaurant Marketing

restaurant marketing