Videos Not Playing

Why Videos Don’t Play…
If you’re having Technical problems playing videos on your Desktop computer many times it’s due to your video player files NOT being updated. We ALWAYS tell our clients and friends – whenever you see a pop-up window from ADOBE and its a legit page – TAKE THE UPDATE! If you see an automatic popup for Adobe Flash Player or Firefox browser update – TAKE THE UPDATE! Many people are hesitant since it’s FREE – they think it must be some sort of marketing ploy or tactic – when thats NOT the reality. Companies like ADOBE and FIREFOX want you to use THEIR products when you use their FREE stuff chances are that SOMEDAY you MAY remember their logo and BUY something from them – (Thats the catch if you could call it a catch at all!).The internet runs on a LOT of OPEN SOURCE programming made available so we can all view and use content as easily as possible. You DO however need to be aware that the download link is from a reliable source. If you see links from such companies as,,, and a number of other companies you can feel secure in downloading their products!SO, if you ARE having trouble viewing Videos it’s usually caused by one of these things:

  1. You don’t have the latest version of the Flash player. Download and install it from hereSEO website Design
  1. You’re probably running Vista and Internet Explorer. The combination is filled with bugs and there’s nothing we can do about it – it’s an Adobe bug they don’t care to fix.
  2. Solution: use the Firefox browser. It works. Even with Vista. Download the Firefox browser here. It will take a few minutes but you’ll thank yourself for not dealing with Internet Explorer anymore.

  1. Restart your computer. I know, it’s a pain, but after a few days or weeks , weird stuff happens, computers run out of memory and sometimes that’s what you need to do.

And if you’re tired of this, there’s another solution (Windows users, brace yourselves…) Buy a MAC! You can get a nice little MacBook for under $1,000 and it’ll work like a charm!