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How Mobile SMS Advertising & Mobile Web Sites will INCREASE your SALES in 2012

The “Skinny” on Creating MASSIVE PROFITS utilizing CHEAP Mobile SMS Advertising

Here are the FACTS:
Fast movers in the Mobile marketplace will get the JUMP on competition. Your goal is to have YOUR restaurant all over the Local Mobile Search Engines! When someone looks for What YOU OFFER in your town, you want to be 1st on the list!
Since Mobile SMS Advertising is fairly new the competition in MANY areas is low, so it’s a GREAT time to create your Mobile presence! (It’s also less expensive right now).

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This market can be a little confusing with terms like “keywords” and “shortcodes”  “SEO, CPC, CPA” and many other terms, but were going to hit the important points so it sinks in quickly and really makes sense!

How do I get Started with Mobile SMS Advertising?
First you need to understand a VERY IMPORTANT FACT…

Mobile Advertising is VERY DIFFERENT from any other form of advertising
People Sign-Up and REQUEST to receive your offers! Then. your offers are delivered
right into their pocket and they’ll open your offers with a 98% open rate!!  There has NEVER been ANY form of advertising like this in past history – it’s just a fact!

Once your LIST is built you can literally click SEND and FILL your restaurant 3-4 hours later!! So, Lets get started!
1. Build a Mobile Web Site
2. Create MULTIPLE Lists for new Sign-Ups – (this is happening WHILE your Web Site is being Built)
List Name examples: “Entertainment” “Wine Tastings” “Late Night Seatings” “discounts”
3. Create your “in house” promo materials to attract new Sign-Ups (signs Business cards)
4. Create your offers to send to your list (multiple offers since there are different audiences)
5. Send the offers out to all the people on (1) or more lists
6. Monitor and Optimize your Mobile Offers
7. Find the winners and make MORE like them – drop the losers
8. Maintain your list maintenance
9. Share your SIGN UP FORM through Social Media to attract more people
10. Run more ads
11. Go to the bank

With our Fully Managed Plan – we do all the heavy lifting for you!
All YOU need to do is Create your offers!
We EVEN train your staff on HOW promote this offer with patrons and why its good for EVERYONE!

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Offers can be sent out in a couple of ways

As simple Text:

Or as Full Color Offers:

EVEN with a VIDEO attached!
Our approach is for all of our clients is to give them a wide range and PRESENCE in Mobile so they can be found on mobile search engines and attract new users through the mobile platform. This means having a Mobile Web Site as your base. Once on your site.. people can find all your basic info like days, hours, even menus, also its a GREAT spot to put up a video of your restaurants best features – this way a prospect gets a FEEL for your restaurant.

This also allows us to keep all your offers attached to your site and ready to re-use again (this SAVES you money) on future offers! Now you may be thinking “I already have a website” and it can be seen on mobile devices.

Well – that’s a real problem – fact is that 99.99 % of standard sites are NOT optimized for mobile platforms – And there’s a LOT of mobile platforms – Our Mobile Web-Sites are optimized for over 500 platforms – this means that your site will be USABLE on all of these different types of phones, Ipads, etc..

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