Life and MOBILE Technology

So you’ve heard the Mobile buzz… If you haven’t you must be living 30 meters below ground in a cave with NO internet or TV access!
This is the Season – the 2010 holiday season!! Will YOU be one of the Millions of NEW smart phone users who jump on the Mobile bandwagon and forever alter the marketing landscape of business as we know it? I’ve counted – when viewing a regular TV channel – (with sponsored ads) aprox. every 3rd ad is for some type of smart phone – our conciousness has been altered – and I KNOW its ABSOLUTELY for the best! Now almost everything you need to go through your day – business and personal -can be found, researched, viewed and communicated through mobile smart phone technology as well as MANY older lower model phones with Internet access.
Need to find a store… need to find a someones phone number or address, need to know HOW to DO SOMETHING – ANYTHING… use search – DON’t spend the 2.00 your mobile provider charges – just use a live internet search – then CLICK TO CALL! Need directions… click to go – are you walking or driving? Want a VISUAL walkthrough on How to fix your Brakes, your computer or give your dog a haircut??? Use YouTube or any of the other 30 Video How to sites!! Theres a button for that – AND it’s FAST! AH..heres the problem -DON’t leave your home without your Mobile Phone or you are basicaLLY….. SCREWED #@#@! Your life just like mine and every detail to bring ease, comfort, access, and flexibility – hey you know what – it’s all on your phone, and I hardly remember life before acccess to all these GREAT services – and at times I STILL can’t believe that they’re FREE – These are AMAZING TIMES – and I am SOOOO thankful to be alive through the next amazing shift in technology and the many ways it can BENEFIT humanity!
The future of Mobile Access is here and its here NOW -!!!! I can’t (lent me re-phrase Don’t want to) – remember the time before MOBILE Technology!

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