Market Research

Why do Market Research?

Simply: To FOCUS in on your market by analyzing KEYWORDS and the associated traffic (so you KNOW how MANY people are already looking for what you offer DAILY)! To select the best NICHE through keyword focus for all your Web efforts. To find out WHO your main competition is and WHAT you’ll need to do to BEAT them in search. To SELECT the BEST KEYWORDS, to Focus your plan of attack prior to entering your market online. Excellent Market Research creates a PLAN for search domination, by putting your content IN FRONT of the people already searching for what you have offer.

The internet is unique, all of the data you need IS online and waiting for you! You can KNOW without reservation IF you have a valid market for your product or business service BEFORE you invest larger sums into site development. Market research will TELL YOU how to focus your website and all of it’s content PROPERLY prior to creation! With proper market research you’ll also KNOW how many people a day are searching for what you offer who your competition is and exactly how to beat them! Your GOAL is to get pages on your site on page #1 of Google so people who search find you when they search – it’s that simple. Through this process we find RIGHT keywords to connect with your market. We’ll find Low & High competition keywords and let you know what you need to do to get on page one ahead of the competition. Low competition keywords will get you to page #1 FASTER with lower cost while still getting traffic to make sales and generate leads. Excellent market research many times reveals that customers are searching in areas relating to your business that you may not be aware of. Often times this process creates and DEFINES the direction and gaols for your marketing. Your Web Site MUST be FOCUSED on specific keywords to ATTRACT the right buyers at the moment they are ready to make a purchase or schedule services. Market research will also define what your pages are about on your site so the search engines KNOW how and where to rank you.

EXAMPLE: Lets say you’re a Dentist and you perform general dentistry – The focus of your site will be about general Dentistry your KEYWORDS will be very different then a Dentist who specializes in re-constructive surgery or a dentist who specializes in teeth whitening.

When a user performs a search typically they will start with the profession they are searching for “dentist” then as they get more focused they add the specialty “dentist teeth whitening” as they get closer to a decision or Buying phrase – they will typically type in WHERE they live – so the final term may be something like “best Atlanta teeth whitening dentist”

EVERY click and search that is EVER done online using the Google’s search engine is recorded and saved in log files. Whats unique is that Google makes all of this information available for any user that simply knows WHAT TOOLS of Google’s, Bing or Yahoo to use and assimilate this data.  Wouldn’t it make sense to use this data PRIOR to building your web site and possibly making an error ?

Through market research you’ll KNOW How many people are typing in terms that relate to your business or product. This in depth research oftentimes reveals keywords and market information that you were not aware of.
QUESTION: Would you open a store on an old dirt road in the middle of the woods that no one travels on? Of course not Market Research will tell you how important each keyword term is to your product or business so you can adjust your page names and focus your keyword content to appeal to the widest market of users. Allowing you to DIRECTLY TARGET your MARKET of MOTIVATED BUYERS at the moment they are ready to BUY!

Competitive Analysis: Find out WHO your competition is and HOW to approach getting your share of the market. Searching and analyzing what keywords are More or Less competitive will map out your strategy for marketing and make it crystal clear. Less competitive keywords with slightly lower volume of clicks will be less costly to rank for and take less time to get to page one in search we always suggest to start creating content using these less competitive phrases WHILE we infuse more competitive keywords for the long term.

We can focus your research  on National or Local (Your Choice)

Our Market research will show you:

Market analysis including Keyword VOLUME
Your Top 3 competitors
What their TOP 5 keywords are
Quantity of back-links and other data – Ages – etc.
What Social Media they participate in.

Our suggested TOP 5 LOW competition Keyword phrases
Our suggestion for the top 5 LONG term SEO(High Competition)
We will report the # of searches being done on:

The Desk top Platform
The Mobile Platform
Top (5) What Keywords you are Currently ranking for

Marketing PLAN if desired:
Suggestions to BEAT the competition what TYPE of content will get the job done the quickest and most effectively. Long term and short term goals.
Costs to get the job done.

Market Research is the Basic function of any SOLID Business plan – KNOW your market then create your plan of attack!