Mobile Economy Growth – Mary Meeker

Google’s own Mary meeker speaks on the growth of the Mobile Economy and her vision of the future of mobile web sites and the mobile economy. Mobile devices outpaced the sales of desktops in 4th quarter of 2010 for the 1st time in history. What it took 10 + years to happen in the desktop marketplace has happened in the Mobile economy in 5 years! This is a trend that’s JUST heating up. Smart phones are leading the growth curve with Androids alone activating 300,000 units monthly! By late 2011 50% of the United States population WILL have a Smart Phone – or some type of Smart phone / device.

The only question is WHEN you’ll get involved in Mobile the only IF that exists is IF you’ll be able to recover market share if you wait too long. Will you sit this one out – like you did with Social Media? .. Hows that working out for you? Or will you be one of the smart business owners who starts to build your base while the searches & sales increase on the mobile platform riding the wave of profits on the way up (while its still cheap)? 20% of Google’s searches are NOW being done on the Mobile Platform. The 2nd largest Video Sharing site in the world is – you guessed it… YouTube MOBILE with over 200,000 views per day. Enough stats yet? Oh – here’s a good one – Google mobile search traffic increased 4x during 2010. Many companies are doing 20% of their sales on Mobile web sites. That’s a 20 % market share that you have NO SHOT at since you aren’t even THINKING Mobile yet (there are only so many consumers – do YOU WANT part of that 20% – it’s a CHOICE. With emerging technologies on this much of an upward curve it’s clear to all that it’s JUST HEATING UP. Smart money invests in technology if 20 % of your sales are on a NEW platform – how MUCH of your ad budget should go on Mobile? 20% ? Well sure – if you think its going to stagnate. Here’s the problem, if your competition is already investing in mobile then EVERY competitor that invests NOW at CHEAP 2011 dollars is getting it on the CHEAP – and you’ll need to play catchup as the market heats up – remember as your competitors create content and a loyal customer base – now you’ll need to woe-away some of their customers who are loyal to their brand. Whats the Mobile economy worth? No ones gotten it right yet! It’s always underestimated and expected to hit 2 Billion by 2012. Will you be able to fight off the competition for a top spot in 2 years? Doubtful. Got DEEP POCKETS??

You’re IN the NEXT GOLD RUSH and its NOW – reach out and “get ya some!”

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