SEO Website Design 5 Star Review

SEO Website Design Mobile 4 Leads

Seo Website Design is Paramount for your online success!
What is SEO Website design ?
Simply put SEO Website design uses the most important phrases that relate to your services and products.
If your company sells “Cat Collars” then it would be a mistake to Optimize your Home Page for “Cat Breeding”.

Each page of your website needs to be focused on ONE keyword with a related secondary keyword phrase.
The title of your page is important so you can be found. Get more leads, customers and ultimately more sales.

When hiring someone to build a website for you a typical at Least 3 different technologies are utilized.
1. a website designer creates the design
2. a web developer creates the code (make sure your developer creates RESPONSIVE code)
3. an SEO company does your Keyword Research and your Page structure- page names etc..
4. a web copywriter creates the page content (keyword focused)

The result: A Great looking Website can be found online by people searching for your specific product with a “Keyword Search”.

Sounds like a Lot right?

We do ALL these things for our clients – One Stop – SEO Website Design with Responsive Technology!

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