The “System”

sms marketing

So how can we virtually guarantee…
we can fill your Restaurant with HUNGRY Patrons with 3 hours Notice?

Well – we’ve developed a “System” that is just Plain AWESOME!
Its our “Secret Sauce” that employs a Multi-Media approach utilizing Desktop Websites, Mobile web sites, Text / sms marketing Techniques / Landing Page Marketing / Social Media – Facebook Fan Pages / Twitter / Four Square / SEO techniques and much much more!

Its our “Secret Sauce System” that puts all these properties and actions together to promote your company online so you can be found whenever someone does a search for your Restaurant or Category,  such as Italian food, French Cuisine, Craft Brew Beer – or whatever your Restaurant is BEST at doing.

You know the online world is full of many “Wanna Be’s” who will promise the moon and the stars – but just don’t know how to deliver the goods.

All of us in business have had the unfortunate experience of buying into the promises of well meaning people and companies who may have the right stuff in their sales team… those people who could some how sell proverbial ice cubes to Eskimos and get a check for services in the process – even get a signed contract, then not deliver on their promises and you find yourself having to spend your dollars and worse of all your time trying to get them off your payroll, as the effort to find someone who could really deliver RESULTS continues.

Well friend, not here – we’ve developed our system from Results… so it’s with ultimate confidence that we offer a FREE TRIAL for our services and NO long term contracts! Our SYSTEM has been painstakingly developed through years of trial and error through various online marketing events – ie: real world examples that resulted in Sales and RESULTS!

We’ve created some tips and procedures that will help any business online to GET MORE RESULTS – they are FREE for the asking and will be delivered in bite sized pieces that you’ll absorb easily in 10 minutes a day. Consider it a short education in online & Mobile Marketing.


Sign up above and we’ll get you on our mailing list where we’ll demonstrate the results and some of the inner workings of our “System” that has taken more than 15 developers through a journey of discovery of the Best Practices and Programming to meld together Multiple Technologies – into a system that Purrs Like a Kitten looking for mamas milk! Get your company FOUND online through Multiple Media Marketing – after all there is one simple fact that’s true in the online world – He or She – who has the Most ACTIVITY and the Most “Keyword Focused” Pages online WINS! (in Natural SEO).

NEW Mobile Technology now offers EXCITING new approaches to communicate with your current patrons and develop them into RAVING Fans QUICKLY! Imagine if you could take every patron that walks through your door and get them onto your list of “subscribers” where you’ll then be able to promote to them (with their permission) on a regular basis – perhaps even enticing them with special offers that INCLUDE  the bringing ANOTHER couple with them to dine?  They all get a perk – you get new patrons – everybody WINS! Pretty AWESOME – simply put you’ll “ethically bribe” your patrons with a gift – so that your restaurant can INCREASE it client base, with MORE Raving fans! Each new patron will be so excited that they’ll be BEGGING for access to your VIP Promotions Membership we make it easy for new subscribers to your VIP list too! And so on and So on…

If you are anxious to get YOUR company found online and increase revenues and build client TRUST and CONFIDENCE, then fill in your Name, email address AND Mobile Phone # below – you’ll get a series of Tips and Tactics to help you Get found online with some FREE download-able forms to get you more focused on your goals and how to achieve them! You’ll also find a Check box for you to SELECT if your business is in New Jersey and you’d like a FREE face to face consultation. All FREE for the asking! Along the path – you WILL learn many hot tips and multiple ways to increase your companies online exposure – so you can do whats needed – Have an Online presence and attract the RIGHT patrons to your business through your online efforts efforts.

Sign up for our FREE consultation and Face to Face meeting we’ll start the ball rolling for your company to have the BEST year EVER ! In person meetings we’ll give you the low down of getting RESULTS using today’s Technology to YOUR advantage!


sms marketing