Mobile, Social & Local Restaurant Marketing Plans

Picture1 AboutLocal Mobile Marketing EXPLAINED – How Business owners can take advantage of MASSIVE VALUE using Local Mobile Marketing! Created out of a crying need for business owners to connect with their clients, offer time sensitive offers to their customers, RAISE REVENUE and generate TRAFFIC, LEADS and SALES! Local Mobile Marketing enables you to connect with the THOUSANDS of local people who are searching for what you sell.. but as technology changes, they are doing this on MOBILE DEVICES – many different types of mobile devices! Our GOAL is for your business to NEVER have a SLOW day EVER again we will show you how to put your business in front of searchers when they look for you on mobile devices AND take advantage of your existing SEO efforts – by piggy-backing your mobile site on top of your existing site search results!

Imagine NEVER having a S L O W day EVER AGAIN – you’ll LOVE what you do even MORE when you KNOW you can generate income when you need it! Picture this in your mind… there’s a couple looking through your front window – you’d love to go outside and greet them – drag them inside if necessary (and sometimes that’s OK) sometimes it may be a little pushy.. But, you KNOW you’d have a new customer for life… IF you could get them inside.. Now, what if there was a way to connect with them while they were walking by your store…. welcome to the age of Local Mobile Marketing the most unobtrusive marketing techniques to date. We can show you how with the addition of a piece of hardware that you can CONNECT with them by generating an AUTOMATIC text message that buzzes in their pocket – making them a special offer to come into your store! The MOST direct, time sensitive and easy to deliver WITH the HIGHEST open rate of ANY marketing in history.

Now, you KNOW why we’ve created this site.. to inform the business owners of their OPTIONS! Don’t wait till everyone else takes advantage of what Mobile has to offer – do it yourself right NOW! Go through the videos attached to this series and LEARN about Local Mobile Marketing – you can WIN using Mobile! There are MANY ways to approach Mobile – just pick one technique at a time – and add 1 new one every couple of weeks – build upon your successes! But, get started TODAY!

This is not Hype, Fluff – just the facts mam..
Do you have a heavily trafficked store? If you do – then add Mobile Proximity Marketing! Here’s how it works.. What if I told you there IS a way to connect with anyone walking by your business (within a certain radius) and that YOUR message could just appear on their cell phone – not only that but… it would Vibrate or buzz to let them know they’ve just received a message – and if they’re like EVERYONE Else they’ll look at the message within minutes of receiving it, and THEY WILL READ IT!! Unlike email (which you hope they’ll remember…..) Email now gets OPENED at the dismal rate of 17% – Mobile Text messages are opened at the rate of 98% – you don’t need to be a math wiz to figure out HOW this will impact your bottom line! So, you’re asking yourself right now – if that’s the case – then WHY isn’t EVERYONE doing this? Well – it’s simply because this is BRAND NEW LOCAL MOBILE MARKETING TECHNOLOGY!