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The ULTIMATE Restaurant Marketing SYSTEM to Deliver Offers, Coupons, Contests, Special Events and more

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Hi and WELCOME – to our EXCLUSIVE “By invitation ONLY” Launch of our HOT NEW Calendar Command Center! This is a Truly UNIQUE system that’s been Designed and programed over the last 12 + Months – I can HONESTLY tell you that you don’t want to miss the LAUNCH !

Our GOAL is to make marketing your Restaurant as EASY and profitable as possible across Social Media, Local Search, Mobile websites / SMS and in-house promotional campaigns. As well as Coupon, Events and Special Offers through Social Media Accounts!


We will be coming to Your Restaurant and MEETING with you to get you started PROPERLY !
Your Success is our ONLY concern and EVERY action on all sites and campaigns are TRACK ABLE!

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FULLY Managed Accounts using the

“Calendar Command Center”

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With Coupons, Events, Calendar of Events and MORE!

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Frank says:
Great question Kolson - yes mobile search is growing more important every day... We have 9 different packages to choose from based on what you do want or need - some of the packages.. actually 3 deal with search on the local level. Getting you connected and creating profiles in various services - Is REALLY important... have you CLAIMED your Google profile for your business? When you create profiles (then CONFIRM and OPTIMIZE them) this all adds to local search results (which is what you want) in the past a SEO company would push out content all over the place (article marketing and other forms) to get your site to rank well overall.. with a local business a lot of this is no longer (as important) unless you have goods to sell across the country. When your properties are created EVERY property should be created with proper KEYWORDS in mind - then when someone comments on ANY of your media - it boosts your sites overall - Google is looking at social media and the CONVERSATIONS that are happening in twitter, facebook etc.. and giving many of those posts top placement since they want users to get the most current and targeted information. when they do a search. Then we get into videos, google Places, Bing local, and yahoo local. SO I know that was long winded... but there's no short answer.. And yes your current search results ARE currently showing up on Mobile search too! But, be for-warned google is making MASSIVE changes!! As they often do - Their sole purpose is to return the MOST RELEVANT search result to people when they search... That way they have the opportunity to collect pay per click revenue (if you click any ads that are on the results page you'll always notice that the adds ARE on target for your keyword search too.)
14th August 2011, 16:27

kolson Jakes says:
Hi nice 1st and 2nd videos, people are always looking for a deal it seems like they go search before they even go out to eat. Everything I've read says that what you said at the end of the video is correct - people are using their mobile phones to search now - I understand how we can get users with the in-house program - how do I get found on mobile search is it the same as desktop search is it part of the program? or do we need to do something else?
14th August 2011, 15:48

Frank says:
Hi Janice! Let me address your questions one by one! 1.Video: We'll be putting the next video up late today. 2. In the next video we will be showing the behind the scenes view of the calendar command center - pretty cool n easy..I know you'll find it interesting! 3.Offers: wow - this is a big one - since it really depends Which plan you decide to go for. If you choose the calendar command center JUST for Social - your offers would be delivered through social media - Facebook, Twitter and we'll do some reviews for you too - PS and added bonus - we'll be placing your review on one of our sites too! If you choose to add the mobile in-house plan - then your offers would get delivered through mobile - right into your customers pocket AND by email if they select that option too (the mobile plan INCLUDES the Calendar Command) The Type of offers available: Coupons, Events, Contests and more...we also embed a monthly calendar into your Facebook page / website and release your monthly offers WHEN THEY are scheduled for release. 4. Facebook "likes" - in order to add people to your Facebook marketing list - we would add a "like gating" page on your Facebook site - we would promote people to LIKE your Facebook page through MANY means - we would suggest that you put signs up in the restaurant (if your part of our Mobile system) - we'll Design print and deliver the signs to you.. if your in NJ (and part of this launch - we'll even train your staff - and get THEM involved - to add people to the list..) We would suggest adding Facebook buttons to any other sites you have too - our mobile system cross promotes - mobile / Facebook & Twitter.. If you don't have these accounts we can take care of that for you too! 4. As far as needing a mobile website the answer is YES to that question - but during this launch you REALLY won't believe the price!! You'll be glad you stopped by.!! The reason is that our Mobile System is a Top of the line platform that's used by major RESORTS throughout the world and the text program is integrated into the system (we've worked out a great deal) so you'll be able to grow with it. You can check out a couple of mobile sites by using your smart phone and going to: m.jerseyshorerestaurantreviews.com or m.italianfoodnj.com I hope I answered your questions!
14th August 2011, 14:23

Janice Lemour says:
Is another video coming today? I would like to see what the calendar looks like and how I would know what to do next.
14th August 2011, 11:47

Janice Lemour says:
How are the offers set up? We run some coupons on facebook and I can see that face book works for a lot of restaurants. how do we get new people added on our facebook? Also, the mobile program looks interesting - do I need a mobile website or can I use the site I have now? And how do I send offers after someone signs up on my list?
14th August 2011, 11:44

Frank says:
Hi Janice - welcome ! When you say web sites - that can mean a few things .. but YES our intention is to give your company an overall BRAND approach. So, depending on what type of sites and marketing you have already - we can just fill in what you're missing and create what you need or offer a "complete package approach" we do custom Facebook pages, Twitter, Wordpress, Mobile & Youtube Backgrounds/sites... so - whatever you need - we'll make sure all properties give the same look and feel - as well as the same seo basic properties so they rank well in search.
13th August 2011, 20:33

Janice Lemour says:
You talk in the videos about mobile and social marketing do you design the web site as well as doing promotion?
13th August 2011, 20:00

Frank says:
Additionally - we can always send you a COPY of whatever info is collected on each new signup - as a CSV / excel file - so you have a running list handy. Typically we'd send this with your monthly report. Since you'll know as each persons signs up anyway.
13th August 2011, 12:05

admin says:
As far as "verification" if you are referring to in-house (where they sign up to receive a discount or claim ANY type of immediate offer - or even just to sign up on a list - YES - you get verification to one or more places - we can set a copy of their sign-up - to your email account AND also to a mobile device. So you'll KNOW when someone signs up. ALSO - they will get a TEXT message sent to THEM that is the message they SHOW their server - to CLAIM the offer. .. I hope I answered the right question..
13th August 2011, 11:59

Michael Tufariello says:
When customer signs up at your restaurant how is it verified, are you accepting the servers count or can that nights sign ups be accessed?
13th August 2011, 11:42

admin says:
Good Morning Michael! Great Question! NO - each Restaurant will have their OWN dedicate list(s) As you'll see this is a cross platform program - so you may have a LIST for Face Book Fans / Twitter followers / and Mobile followers so, you will have SEVERAL lists that YOU will have access to - depending on which program you choose.. but all lists are 100% SOLELY toe property of the Restaurant and are maintained for you - NEVER SHARED.
13th August 2011, 11:31

Michael Tufariello says:
Privacy: Will customer lists be shared?
13th August 2011, 11:20