Mobile, Social & Local Restaurant Marketing Plans

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Did You Know... 98% of All Mobile Messages are Opened within 5 Minutes... and 22% OF THOSE OPENED Make a PURCHASE ?

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Local Mobile Marketing Success Formula!
HERE’S the BASICS you’ll need!

  • A way to capture your Patrons Mobile#, Email and Name – this becomes “Your LIST”
  • A Mobile Message Campaign Center with YOUR dedicated “Keyword”
  • A platform to get Patrons APPROVAL “opt-in” (Laws are STRICT on this point) this is all permission based marketing!
  • Your Restaurants Mobile Web-Site with location based marketing
  • List your Restaurant with over 140 Mobile Service directories and Search Engines
  • An Art Department to create all of your attractive special offers as needed
  • A platform to integrate your special offer and SEND it to your LIST (all at the same time) We can even segregate your lists!
  • A system to TRACK response rates to your offers
  • The ability to weed out the bad offers and run with the good
  • Rinse and Repeat – WEEKLY!
  • Go to the BANK and make deposits!

Additional Services – Full Social Media Integration – Facebook FAN PAGES (For Businesses), Twitter, Foursquare, Social bookmarking… And Much Much More! Get connected with your Customers !! Join in the conversation!