Keywords, Shortcodes, Creating Lists, Sending SMS Offers, Coupons & More!

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If that’s the case – then MAKE SURE that whenever you offer a DISCOUNT of any type – that you CAPTURE the Mobile Phone # as well a as much of the client info as possible. Facebook link, Twitter address, email EVERYTHING you can get to enable you to contact them AGAIN later – so you can make offers and share events they may want to attend AND share with friends… THAT’S the key share with friends!! Why give away your hard earned dollars – and NOT get someones info to market to them again??

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Vito D. says:
Hi on the Keywords video I see how someone would enter on the list if they know what your short code is .. or if they find a bar code - I guess thats if they are already in your restaurant. but how do they get the information if they are not in the restaurant? Of course its valuable to get them on a list when they come in - I get that - but how do i add people that have not come into my restaurant? How do they find me?
19th August 2011, 08:05

Frank says:
Good question Vito. There are MANY ways people outside of your restaurant can find you - you can 1st do a mailing to your PAST customers - email and Direct Mail announcing your Mobile Program and give them a coupon or any REASON to sign up so that covers ALL past customers... ALSO do a POST CARD mailing to your local area! Now - NEW customers online.. the answer really depends on what sites or pages you've created online so far.. do you have a website..a Facebook page a mobile website etc.. In addition to those there are some Really important pages that are free that need to be CLAIMED & OPTIMIZED - we're going to be posting another video on Google Places, Bing Local and Yahoo local - all 3 of these services are leading the trend on Location Based marketing AND they ALL have a REVIEW/RATING System attached to them so people can VOTE for or unfortunately leave a BAD review - THESE are SUPER IMPORTANT!! Google places is the big Dog in the market.. So having any or all of these sites up and OPTIMIZED will be extremely important as the move to mobile takes over the search marketplace.. Google's entire focus is relative searches..and LOCATION based marketing which means - that when someone uses a mobile device to search for a restaurant - they return NOT ONLY the best RANKING pages - but the most LOCAL pages to where they are at that moment! So, as you optimize more pages (for your specialty) the higher in search ALL of your connected properties will be (and they all should be interconnected).. so to answer your question - you need properties Online that get found quickly when someone searches for your specialty in search - then when they hit the page - you MUST have an OPT-IN form and / or links to your coupons and sign up forms right on the front page of the sites - you have 4 seconds to capture someones attention before they leave - have your special offer on the page - and you'll add them to your list!
19th August 2011, 08:43