Mobile, Social & Local Restaurant Marketing Plans

Mobile Marketing 4 Restaurants

Mobile marketing for your restaurant – isn’t it time that you got connected with your customers?
We all know in the past the best way was to blast out an email to your list of customers – IF you were aggressive enough to get your customers to sign up onto your list. Problem is that Email Marketing returns are dismal at best! Last count the total response rate you would expect from your email campaigns was 17% – and it’s dropping all the time. If you want to market your restaurant effectively than you NEED to take advantage of Mobile Marketing 4 Restaurants.

Through a simplified system consisting of 3 parts we’ve developed and streamlined the process of marketing within your restaurant (or any other type of store or business) there are 3 major parts that you’ll need to make your Restaurant Mobile Marketing Campaign effective.

  • You’ll need a Mobile WebSite
  • Next you’ll need to create a “opt-in” list to collect all of your customer information
  • Next you need to create an OFFER or what we call an “ethical Bribe” to entice someone to sign up.
  • Next you need to realize that just ONE way to sign up is not NEARLY good enough!
  • This is the part that’s missed by most … Mobile technology offers MANY ways to “Opt-In”

Here are just a FEW !

  • Ethical Bribe
  • QR Code (quick scan from smart phone)
  • Short Code to Keyword
  • On Site Forms
  • Contests
  • Coupons
  • Blast to your Email list
  • On site forms
  • Add Scan-able Qr codes and Short Code to Email to ALL of your published Ads!!
  • Blog posts and MANY MORE!!
  • Next you need to make it – “brain dead simple” for customers to sign up!

Finally – once your users are “opted-in” you now have the ability to send group text messages!
You just select the LIST they signed up on – enter a Text message, Coupon, redeem code etc.. create a text response  - click send and let the magic happen! Making Mobile Restaurant Marketing EASY and Effective – is what we do!

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