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Mobile Marketing Platform

Finally a mobile marketing platform that’s the solution for all your mobile marketing needs! An all in one place solution. Local mobile marketing IS the solution to your marketing woes.. there has never been a way to get your promote your offers & stay connected with your customers like there is with mobile. The base of mobile users is expanding and Local Mobile (or Nation wide Mobile marketing) will put your business and your offers miles above your competitors!


We’ve spent close to 8 months now fine tuning our Mobile Marketing Platform system.. using a host of off the shelf platforms and combining those solutions into ONE Mobile Marketing Platform that takes the “sting” out of launching your mobile marketing efforts! Gone are the days when a web site is just a point of information on the web! Now, with the mobile web everyone stays connected and response times are immediate. When someone searches for what you offer, sell, or service at the click of a few buttons they will soon EXPECT an immediate response! Our Mobile Marketing Platform is built with this goal in mind. Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns MUST inter-connectivity with your customer base and offer a sleek,, streamlined solution where they  not only get your information – but stay CONNECTED with your business. This MEANS.. that when someone finds your Mobile Website through search – you MUST supply a way (Quick n easy) for them to click to call – or send a text to have their questions answered with a TEXT response!

Think of TEXT just as if it were a Telephone in your place of business.. When the phone rings – does someone ANSWER IT?? Sure you do !!
When someone sends a text to have a question answered – they NEED a reply! We set up our mobile marketing platform on cloud based servers so your text messages get delivered immediately – this is feature is one that many mobile providers overlook – but its a basic tenant of communication – CUSTOMERS CALL – YOU ANSWER – weather its voice or text the response should always be quick – with mobile that’s EXACTLY what you get.

So, you ask are YOUR customers using Mobile?
Statistics are staggering!

Nielsen, completed a survey done for the Wall Street Journal saying that adults ages 45 to 54 sent and received 323 text messages a month in the second quarter of this year, up 75 percent from a year ago.

Pew, in its report, also found that a growing number of those of majority age are taking to text messaging, saying 72 percent of adults send and receive CTIA, the wireless industry trade association, recently noted the dramatic increase in text messaging, saying it increased by 33 percent in the last year, with Americans sending 1.8 trillion SMS messages. MMS messages — text messages with photos or videos — were up 187 percent, to 56.3 billion messages in the past year. text messages, up from 65 percent in September 2009, and 58 percent in December 2007.

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