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As we complete some of the Video Trainings¬† – You’ll find specific offers listed on this page if you want to have them completed for you quickly and professionally. Find the list of services as they become available in the sidebar.

We’ll let you know which of the videos the service applies to so you can choose

  • If you want to do it yourself
  • Find someone locally to do it for you
  • Or have us complete the task for you

Due to time limitations all of these TASKS will all be on a 1st come 1st served basis.

We’re finding that many company owners know they need to get on top of their marketing – and really LOVE getting the info they need to be able to make informed decisions. But, it seems many of you just don’t have the time to invest in learning all that’s needed to perform these tasks properly. One of the initial big hurdles we find is that most business owners don’t have a clear understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is a MUST when filling out profiles, keywords etc.. so all of your new listings can get FOUND and work for you – bringing in Traffic, Leads and Sales.


While we are happy to assist those of you in need of help – we also want to offer a resource that you can invest in for some of the best training available from the ground up. Since our course is on Mobile Marketing – we don’t touch on SEO at ALL.. you do need at least a basic understanding SEO to move forward with ANYTHING online so here’s a resource to an EXCELLENT site – Arron Wall’s site – there’s also a FREE SEO training available!

In the mean time if you want to get going with some of the services we offer (or have someone else to them) you can find our pricing in the sidebar as we make them available.. We will typically make a service available as we roll-out new videos on that subject.

Basically – each service we give training on we are actively offering to our clients.

Some of these services are pretty straight forward – but involve our getting some basic company data from you or your staff.
A few of the services – we do for local businesses in our area – face to face – so, we may be working up the intake sheets to gather all the info we need from you.

Here’s how we handle new work:

Typically our 1st phone conversation of 15 minutes is FREE.
After that we initial appointment we can get a feel of what you need – and lay out a plan of action based on your goals.

Personal Training – One on One

We do have some time availability for personal training and see there is a real need for this – we will be doing this on a per item basis as long as it’s something we excel at. Just ask a question below – and we’ll take it from there. FYI – personal training is at the rate of 90.00 per hour.