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SMS Text Marketing  services are traditionally text to short-code. After many months of testing, tweaking and live optimization we have launched our own private sms text marketing service and its NOT the same confusing text to short code service found everywhere else! Traditional services are way too confusing for the average user.. once they are on your list you WILL get massive results. The problem is getting past the hurdle of  physically showing every person HOW to join your list!

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Enter the EASIEST way to join a list .. dialing a phone number!
Why in the world didn’t someone else figure this out… hey they’re using a phone.. wouldn’t it make sense to just have them dial a phone # to join your list?

That’s what happens when “coders’ build an application – sometimes it gets too complicated for the average user!

Yep it’s as simple as dialing a phone # and when dial the # don’t you think they would EXPECT to hear a message? Yep – you guessed it they do HEAR a message that quickly outlining your offer, tells them about your company and what to expect in the future. (As well as how to get OFF your list too.) NEXT: actually at the same time they receive a coupon, a link, a video or anything that fits in 160 characters as a text message. SO when they end their call there is a text message on their screen from you! Lastly (and most importantly) – they are AUTOMATICALLY signed up on your marketing list, AND they agree to receive future offers from you!

Once we finished our testing running identical offers in 2 restaurants – one using Text to Short code and one using our simple phone number system which we are dubbing “PCSMS”   for “phone call short message service” it was ABUNDANTLY Clear that dialing a phone number wins hands down. No learning curve at all we all know how to dial a number! 68% MORE users signed up using our PCSMS system!

So, if you have great offers and you’d like to keep in-touch with your customers on a regular basis, there is no easier way then our new PCSMS. We have the BEST and easiest to use SMS Text Marketing Service. You’ll build your list of customers and prospects quickly and send messages (that they WILL open in minutes) and you will get immediate responses!

We have several levels of service. The 1st level we are rolling out @ less then .50 per day! My staff thinks I’m out of my mind! But here’s the thing I want every mom and pop store to be able to market like a fortune 100 company! So I’m giving you the tools to do so! Not only that, unlike most online services we are actually offering SERVICE – we setup your account for you (this part is Not automated) we WANT to talk to you we want to help you grow your business! So, check out our services! you can get started for a 14 day trial for $1.00 – check us out – lets talk and GROW your business!

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