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If you are like most business owners – you see Mobile Phones everywhere and you wonder how you can make mobile phones work in your business.  How in the world do you get customers to sign themselves up onto your … Continue reading

Build your companies PRIVATE SMS marketing list and send offers at any time you want!SMS Lead Capture using a simple phone # – Realize an 18% to 22% Sales ratio on messages!  SMS Marketing at only .50 cents a day … Continue reading

Being there WHEN consumers are looking for your Products and services. The”Zero Moment of Truth” is a new paradigm shift – a change in the basic premise and underlying approaches to connecting with the new mobile consumer. Consumers are connecting … Continue reading

We’ve been offering online reputation management and repair to a handful of our clients and were finding that many companies are being hit with malicious or fake reviews by competitors and people with WAY TOO much free time on their … Continue reading

This is Plain AWESOME! Google keeps it coming – the idea behind Google Places is that you KNOW about a business BEFORE you visit it! Well along with customer reviews being posted on Google Places – now they are Launching … Continue reading

I was in a local car wash a couple of days ago and it never ceases to amaze me.. When I’m looking for new clients – they pop up where I didn’t expect them.. Mobile SMS Marketing can apply to … Continue reading

Effective marketing with QR codes is increasing quickly in the USA. Technology and combined with mass distribution across the internet now makes it affordable and EASY for Small businesses to use QR Codes too! Believe it or not the USA … Continue reading

1st you need to collect your Prospects or customers mobile phone #’s into your Lead Generation Database so you can send sms mobile offers, messages, contact info and lots more! Once you’ve collected them it’s time to start monetizing your … Continue reading

Connecting with customers through In-house & Online promotions that result in lead capture has never been so easy! Create a special offer, a discount an event or any type of “special deal” then combine that offer into a QR Code … Continue reading

Mobile Seo web design – What is it HOW can you do it and WHY does it matter? As usual Google continues in their effort to police the web and make sure that users like you and me get ACCURATE … Continue reading

THE definitive Restaurant Marketing System! You Won’t Find it ANYWHERE ELSE!  Why?… Because it’s our EXCLUSIVE integrated system – After Month’s of testing with standard “Text to Short Code” marketing (and getting very tired of EXPLAINING how it works)… the results … Continue reading

 Download our FREE “Mobile Marketing White Paper”  Find out HOW and WHY this is the BEST time to get your company MOBILE or get left behind! Google is focusing on Local like never before! The Age of the Mobile Device … Continue reading

It’s coming – Simple Ecommerce IT’S HERE!! Google Wallet – personally I stoped carring a wallet YEARS ago since it was giving me back aches! Imagine just one LESS thing in your pocket! Beam me up Scotty! Available in limited … Continue reading

Google Earnings jump while investors cheer on mobile growth Revenues are up to $2.5 billion from $1 billion just last Stock price as of this writing – 591.68  Street Targets OVER 700.00 Google’s announcement to purchase of  Motorola’s Mobility Holdings … Continue reading

Steve Jobs We launched this blog just 2 Days after the passing of Steve Jobs the founder of Apple. The timing was by sheer coincidence. As someone who works in the field of mobile marketing, mobile software, mobile sites .. … Continue reading