Car Wash Marketing with QR Codes

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I was in a local car wash a couple of days ago and it never ceases to amaze me.. When I’m looking for new clients – they pop up where I didn’t expect them.. Mobile SMS Marketing can apply to ANY business with just a little twist and some creativity.

The BEST ideas usually come from customers! It’s no different for Car Wash Marketing with QR Codes. My local car wash had seen my sign for another promotion in my bag. She really GOT how her car wash could benefit using Mobile QR CODES for her Car Wash business. Some people are always thinking and on the prowl for new ideas. 

If you own a Car-Wash then Car Wash Marketing with QR Codes will set you ahead of the pack!  Here’s the simple approach.. 

Put up a sign at the ENTRY of the car wash (right after everyone secures their antennas rolls up the windows etc.).The sign would have Your Offer on it. SCAN THIS CODE and get an IMMEDIATE COUPON for 3.00 off today’s car wash! It’s a simple idea: when someone scans the code – they receive an Immediate COUPON  for the discount. When they do they ALSO: AUTOMATICALLY sign themselves up onto the VIP-Special Offers list! Both things happen SIMULTANEOUSLY one does NOT happen without the other! So, it’s a WIN WIN!

Customer gets a coupon – Owner gets another person on their Mailing list!

The next S L O W  day – you send out a VIP-Special Offer… and click SEND with a new offer to Bring them RUNNING back again! Something like – Wear a RED SHIRT today and get 3.00 off and a FREE Air freshener! TODAY ONLY!!

Check out this Video for the details and a similar sign! Let me know what you think of Car Wash Marketing with QR Codes!

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