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Google Earnings

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Google Earnings jump while investors cheer on mobile growth

Revenues are up to $2.5 billion from $1 billion just last
Stock price as of this writing – 591.68  Street Targets OVER 700.00

Google’s announcement to purchase of  Motorola’s Mobility Holdings for 12.5 Billion  has some investors scratching their heads. When in fact it’s actually a natural progression. The Search Giant Google had an INCREASE in mobile handset activation of 55 Million units from July taking their total market share to over 190 million.

Some time back the Tech Twins of Google announced – everything they rolled out

Google Earnings
Larry page and Sergey brin google founders

would be looked at through the eyes of Mobile 1st. That’s a pretty powerful statement on the way they’ll be conducting future business.

The marketplace and how we all shop is being changed QUICKLY by open source technology and data sharing. Google’s previous purchase in Nov of 2009 of the mobile ad platform AdMob for 750 Million. Underscores the beginning of this shift in the mobile marketplace. As the #1 Search Engine, Google’s reach to developers all over the world is massive – add to that – giving free access and open sourcing their Android platform and what were seeing is exactly what they envisioned I’m sure.. massive exponential growth, new ideas and innovation in places they’ve never thought of. These are truly amazing times we live in.

What Google continues to do differently then Apple is open up their operating system to Developers all over the world – there are pros and cons to this approach. But ALL will agree that innovation can only be fueled by this approach.

With more mobile devices out there than PCs, Mobile is the clear choice of growth. Think about whats happening – Mobile phones have become so inexpensive new opportunities have opened up all around the WORLD – New markets, New Communication, New Opportunities. Suddenly parts of the world that don’t have the simple day to day “necessities” we have in the US – have the ability to connect with the rest of the world (before they have indoor plumbing) AMAZING!!

Google’s approach (like many other companies) to open up their platform is nothing short of brilliant. I believe new approaches to mobile commerce will take us even further and faster this year!

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