Lead Generation with Call Capture

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Connecting with customers through In-house & Online promotions that result in lead capture has never been so easy! Create a special offer, a discount an event or any type of “special deal” then combine that offer into a QR Code that your customers will scan with their mobile phone (or simply dial a PHONE # from their mobile phone) and – BAM – you’ve just created a lead capture and lead generation system.

The QR Code enables them to get information that you “load” into the QR Code Generator. You can create a Mobile Website code, a Call Code, a Contact code and lots more! Companies like www.Scanlife.com have systems at the ready for you to test out! (we have our own EXCLUSIVE System that can be INTEGRATED into QR codes – Phone #’s and Websites! Some companies may offer some type of trial period – 7 days – 30 days etc.. Many have small business packages starting around 25.00 monthly. Complete with STATS on how many times your code was scanned etc.

Here’s where it gets EXCITING!!
When you COMBINE the QR Code with a Text marketing Service – NOW you’ve got a Lead Capture & Lead Generation system with mobile Call Capture this can be done in different ways based on what TYPE of Text system you are using for your campaign.

There are Short-Code systems – typically where someone would text “pizza” to 77950″ or whatever you category and special offer is.
OR – you could Opt for a much simpler system (but MORE EFFECTIVE and at the same time EASIER to use!) based on what every consumer understands – Dial a phone # and …BAM they’re on your list! – This is called LONG CODE Marketing combine this with QR codes WITH a coupon that shows up after their call and you’ve got a MASSIVE winner!

For Lots More information on Lead Capture using Long Code Marketing download our Whitepaper on this site!

We had been using text to short code for many of our clients and found that customers needed to be taught how to use the system – this limited the total # of responses and ultimately number leads we could capture each day.

So, we’ve created our OWN SYSTEM that’s SIMPLE to use no Learning curve and it’s down right CHEAP (Right now) !

To JOIN our VIP-Tips list (And get future Offers and Discounts) just DIAL - (732) 784-6055 from ANY MOBILE DEVICE!

Need Help setting up YOUR QR Codes and a database to collect your Customers Mobile Phone #’s ? We’ve got a NEW Service @ JUST $14.95 per Month! Call us @ 732-963-2503 or go to http://Mobile4Leads.com/sms/send-offers-demo

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