Building a Mobile Marketing List

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If you are like most business owners – you see Mobile Phones everywhere and you wonder how you can make mobile phones work in your business.  How in the world do you get customers to sign themselves up onto your mobile marketing list? New technology new ideas new approaches are hitting everyday. If you have an idea and understand coding – chances are you may come up with your own twist on things. Creativity is endless in the mobile marketplace but one fact is simple and true. If you have a way to quickly connect with your customers chances are thet you can get a portion of them to respond to your offers. A Mobile marketing marketing list is the perfect place to start.

At Mobile4Leads we keep our focus on building out solutions for the small and medium sized businesses. Mobile Marketing using SMS Long codes – actually just a phone # so your customers can call and immediately get signed up to your mobile marketing list. It’s simple – dialing a phone number is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to build a FAST Mobile SMS Marketing list of your customers and prospects. Our focus is on supplying solutions that help the smaller businesses of the USA compete in the larger marketplace but at low cost.

You CAN have up to the minute technology at Highly6 competitive costs!
Check out the video below and join our rapidly growing user base – you’ll learn HOW to build your list Quickly, send messages that are targeted and grow your bottom line by keeping in touch on a weekly basis with your customers and prospects (but, not by being a pest!).

In addition we are also introducing our Text to Voice service – we were going to release this as an added cost feature – but decided What -the-heck! We added it into the mix (even for the Trial Accounts!)

Join us Today – we’ll have your account up and running in a few hours (weekdays).

Or give us a CALL @ 732-963-2503

Mobile Marketing List building with SMS long code marketing is SIMPLE!
Wouldn’t you agree – EVERYONE  Knows how to dial a phone number?
We’ve tested repeatedly – MANY customers need to be TAUGHT How to use text to short code – Who has time for that?

We are getting HUGE positive responses for our text to voice GREETING too!

Check it out for yourself – on our demo page.

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