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Mobile Seo web design – What is it HOW can you do it and WHY does it matter? As usual Google continues in their effort to police the web and make sure that users like you and me get ACCURATE and RELEVANT results whenever we type a search into Google’s search engine on desktop OR on Mobile devices.

So, it’s 1st important to know that Mobile SEO can be a simple process – time consuming but simple. Google has publicly stated that they do NOT want web Mobile or desktop SEO to be forced – what they especially are on the lookout (and penalizing sites) for mis-leading the public or just having blant false claims and products. Thats a GOOD thing for Honest companies doing business online! Ultimately this will build TRUST when a searcher comes to your site that is “naturally seo’d”.

There are Platforms that web sites can be built upon that NATURALLY conform to what Google is looking for. One such platform is WordPress – it’s a FREE software to build your website upon! “WORDPRESS is Open Source” Oh – and by the way Mobile SEO Web Design is easily accomplished using wordpress – in fact this is our platform of choice!

SO what is Natural SEO? Natural SEO occurs when your search term matches what a person is looking for online and Goggle recognizes your site as an Authority in that area.  Can you HELP natural SEO? YES – When you are writing on a specific topic and NATURALLY use the term for instance “healthy dog foods” Google will see that term throughout your article and perhaps in the Title of the article so they KNOW that your site is a good match for the search. Now – if you add additional information like “Healthy Dog Food” Images – you want to be SURE to TAG the images BEFORE loading to WORDPRESS. The SAME process should be done with VIDEOS (we’ll cover that in another article. Here’s a Quick video on how to quickly name your images to help users find your article through image search as well as text in your article.

It’s also a good idea when you are writing on a specific topic (like we are in this article on) Mobile SEO Web Design to BOLD and ITALIC the keyword or Important phrase that you are writing about – doing this simply helps the search engine spiders to KNOW what it is your article is about – thereby delivering and ranking your content properly when someone searches for it! There are MANY other factors like Social Media and the conversation that will also help your content rank highly naturally. Do NOT overuse the keyword – but use it naturally as you would in speaking or writing. Overusing keywords is called “keyword stuffing” and will bedetrimental to you7r site’s rankings!

These tips can be used in Mobile SEO web Design as well as Desktop Seo Web Design. Here’s a quick video on How to optimize your images for your article.

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