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Online Reputation Management RepairWe’ve been offering online reputation management and repair to a handful of our clients and were finding that many companies are being hit with malicious or fake reviews by competitors and people with WAY TOO much free time on their hands! So were launching and scaling out an affordable package aimed at Small to medium sized businesses who can really use some help in this area.

We’ve combined the REPAIR of your reputation through managing all your online reviews & claiming your FREE sites @ Google Bing & Yahoo – with a NEW service we’ve created. Our new “My Online Reputation Repair” service will include 3 ways to entice your HAPPY customers to Leave glowing reviews for you on one of 3 sites BEFORE they leave your business! When they access your reviews page from their mobile phone – they’ll also be simultaneously be added to your VIP-Rewards list AND receive a coupon for Future use ALL AT THE SAME TIME! (they CAN opt out of your list at any time). What this does is adds GREAT reviews to your site on a regular basis as well as automatically building your Mobile Text marketing list for future offer distribution! It’s Our Technology EXCLUSIVELY! Comes with a High-End Mobile Website at a really low cost during launch!

We’re also releasing a FREE Version for cash strapped business owners to learn about.. and COMBAT bad reviews on their own online. YEP were offering a FREE Service with VIDEO training! As well as the upgraded paid program with 3 levels of service. Launch is LATE Feburary 2012.

We’re offering to teach you online reputation management for your company for FREE with several step by step online Videos that we use to train our staff. Specific where to go and what to do information to start repairing your good name online and maintain it moving forward. You’ll be able to watch the videos from your desktop or a mobile phone – at your convenience! You can look at this as a public service (we’ve seen some horror stories of GOOD companies gone bad, by falling victim to competitors and unscrupulous people who get their jolly’s by hurting Good Businesses for no apparent reason)! We combat these things everyday for our clients and we don’t want you or ANY company to have this problem. You’ll learn how to do this yourself it’s detailed and takes focus – but you CAN do this! If for any reason you prefer to hire us to do it for you then Call us for a FREE Consultation. You’ll find a list of our services (and pricing) attached. (we’ll be posting it on a NEW site @

There is ONE thing we CAN’T help you with! If you have BAD Products, Services, Employees or Management and you’re not interested in correcting these things – then no one can help! You NEED to fix those issues while you are correcting the online issues.

84% of ALL purchases start with an online search – the 2nd thing everyone looks for is REVIEWS so yours had BETTER be good to GREAT if you want to capture new business!

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Right now it’s open for pre-Registration ONLY
The payment links will be live in a few days.

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