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Are you using SMS for Lead Generation and list management YET?

You need to be! The debate can rage on regarding Long Codes and Short Codes. Which is BEST, most flexible, lower cost, faster delivery.. whatever.. The REAL question is are YOU on top of SMS marketing for YOUR business? If NOT then WHY not?

Do some research – arrive at the conclusions that work BEST for you and your company and move on – start collecting your Lists of Customers and Prospects NOW – today!! You’re leaving money on the table! Below you’ll find some links to information from all around the web with unbiased opinions from sources like Wikipedia to competitive service providers on both sides of the issue. Long Codes vs Short Codes.

Here’s my point: you’re wasting valuable time by NOT making a decision to move forward quickly. Your competitors may NOT be making the same decision.

When Email 1st came out there were massive marketing efforts and fortunes made by early adopters. You are now positioned at the same point in marketing curve with Mobile.. BUT, as you’ll see over the next few months, mobile will have more impact on the marketplace then ANYTHING we’ve ever experienced.

Are you kidding me? You can DELIVER your messages right into a prospects pocket – what are you waiting for? Add Social media into the mix with mobile marketing – then add back in the – OLD form of marketing “snail mail” and watch your profits SOAR!

Mobile has so many fast and convenient uses – from simple updates and communications with customers & prospects, to Voting, Surveys and simple communications for schools and companies. Get Connected and let Mobile Marketing do it’s work for your Business TODAY!

FYI – we have been using BOTH short and long code marketing services and STILL do use BOTH – however our conclusion (driven by market data) is that Long Code marketing is the PREMIUM service (at a lower cost with a wider reach). But – be diligent – do your homework and get going – or someone is going to eat YOUR Lunch!