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  • Jason

    Hi this is almost too simple! I’ve been looking at text marketing for my jewelry store and found it to be unbelievably confusing. Everytime you want to send a new type of message like set up a contest – or voting its pretty confusing. So I just backed away. We all know mobile phones are everywhere so its clearly a great new way to connect with our customers and boost holiday sales. I’m going to give this a try and see what happens. Do you have any suggestions to get business cards fast ? So I can get people on my list?

    • Frank

      Thanks for the reply! Yep it IS Simple – and YES some of the other types of text marketing CAN get complicated (with some systems more then others!) Here’s the point you REALLY NEED to remember Keep It SIMPLE – just start gathering LEADS on your list – don’t worry about all the other stuff yet! We’ll show you how to use a simple system to drive profits – then you can add other services later! (PS – were working on adding more services too!) And we WILL keep it SIMPLE for our members! Best of Luck and keep me posted!