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Why Mobile?

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Why use Mobile Marketing?

Fast Growth and Access to your customers – has NEVER been so easy! Mobile SMS Marketing allows you to send out short messages with links to color offers or just text coupons that will keep your customers coming back for more! The 1st stem is to pick a service to handle your LIST. In the past we had used Keywords and short codes. However after a LOT of Testing we have COMPLETELY switched over to Long code marketing!

For 2 reasons Long Code marketing (which was once slower and less reliable) has completely come of age! It’s 100% reliable (when built on the right platform) and far less expensive! You have your OWN private # NOT a SHARED short code! Your own private SMS Mobile Marketing LIST – to send messages from.


We’ve developed several ONE Step signup actions that make it SUPER Easy for your customers to sign up onto your list! In addition Our systel allows your visitors to dial a LOCAL phone # – LISTEN to a message and when they hang up – their COUPON is awaiting them for signing up!


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