WordPress and Opensource

When I think about what makes the online work environment so different from a traditional business model – the business model  I had for many years labored under – it all  comes down to two words – Open  Source.  Capitalism can bring out the best in the best people … but then there’s that protective quality in a traditional business  to keep your your best kept secrets -  just that -SECRET! Let alone share them with the world at large. For fear of sharing industry secrets with the competition.

Its a enormous shift when you realize that there are actually people all over the world who contribute to systems such as WordPress all with a similar goal in mind. Everyone shares all the resources and fruits of their labors for free with each other and the world.  Open Source – MASSIVE Value what a concept.  I’m sure the typical person who uses the  internet and websites everyday has no idea that one of the Main Reasons technology is moving as fast as it has been  for a number of years is simply due to the efforts of  all the programmers around the world Sharing their ideas, knowledge  and the fruits of their labors for common good.

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